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Jahkečoahkkin-áššin dáidá leat válljet gii vuolgá WALTIC 2008 kongressii

Please see attached the First Announcement for the upcoming WALTIC 2008!

WALTIC - empowering writers and literary translators all over the world. Join up in Stockholm 29th of June - 2 July 2008. Together we are launching the first global network of writers and translators to create opinion, collaboration and change for a literate world with freedom of speech and a true intercultural dialogue.

We would be grateful if you can pass this on to your contact list and post it on available notice/news boards, etc. We can also forward hard copies of the First Announcement if there are any upcoming events where they can be distributed at, if so please forward mailing address.

The website will gradually be updated with more program information during spring. Online registration and abstract submission will open in September 2007. We will keep you updated with the latest news.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries concerning the WALTIC Congress!

Best wishes,
On behalf of the WALTIC organising committee/

Anneli Bäckman
Meeting Planning Manager, WALTIC Congress Secretariat


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